The translation from one source into many target languages is supported by a work order / job / task structure, where

  • A work order (W.O.) is the common section, including source and reference files, deadline, field of expertise required, notes and special instructions, etc.
  • A job is the application of a work order to a defined target language, so a W.O. can include several jobs into different target languages.
  • A task is an individual file offered to the volunteers for translation. A job can include several tasks, both independently added by the client and as the result of the splitting by the PM of larger source files.

This is the basic workflow when a translation job is posted in the translation center:

  • A project manager from the translation company will post a work order with at least one job. Reference files such as glossaries, translation memories or style guides can be added as reference to a job, or to all jobs of a given client.
  • The tasks can be assigned to translators either manually or automatically. In the second case, translators are notified in batches of 5 translators sent in 15-minute intervals. The first notified translator who accepts a task will receive the assignment. Once all tasks have been accepted, a job is no longer available to other interested translators.
  • Translators with assigned tasks will have access to the source and reference files for download. Once the translation is complete, they can upload their translation and mark the task as complete.
  • Large files can be split and assigned to separate tasks to different translators.
  • Editors can be assigned to review already translated files in the same job page.
  • In a job page the translators with tasks assigned, the PM (and eventually the client) will be able to communicate and to exchange files. All information stored in a single page, no need to send emails or keep track of files.
  • Once all tasks in a job have been delivered, the job is complete and deliverables can be downloaded by the PM.
  • Feedback on the individual translators can be recorded by the job poster.