A work order includes one or more jobs, with the same target file and language and a different target language for each job.

Once a work order and the associated jobs have been created, most parameter can be edited either from the work order or from the job pages.

Editing a work order

The "Edit order" options

By accessing the work order page and clicking on 'Edit order' in the top-left corner menu you will be able to:

  • Modify the work order title
  • Modify the work order association with a client project
  • Edit the Internal notes (visible only to PMs)
  • Edit the Notes or special instructions 
  • Assign or reassign a Client contact
  • Edit the Custom order number:

Adding a job to a work order

Once a work order was created (but is not complete), it is possible to add a new job (target language) by accessing the work order page and clicking on 'Add job' in the top-left corner menu.

A page will open where:

  • A new target language can be selected (only languages with associated translators will be offered).
  • The 'Notes or special instructions' in the original work order are offered by default, but they can be modified.
  • The original deadline will be offered, but it can be modified 
  • The deadline flexibility is requested
  • The 'Manual queue' check box should be selected if you want to manually assign the job.

Clicking on Submit will add the new job to the original work order

Managing source files

By clicking 'Manage sources' in the page of a (not yet complete) work order page, you will be able to 

  • Add a new source file to the work order. Select 'Create a new translation task for this file' to have a new task for the file in each of the jobs in the work order.
  • Delete an already uploaded file by clicking on the little cogwheel to the left of the file name and clicking on 'Delete file'

Editing a job

In the Job overview box you will find two links:

  • Edit notes and instructions: to edit the job instructions
  • Edit flexibility: To edit the deadline flexibility

In the job options box (to the right of the job screen) you will find

  • Add a task
  • View work order: to access the WO
  • Edit deadline(s)
  • Add client contact: visible only if clients have access to providers and jobs, and if there are contacts associated to the client that have not been associated to the job
  • Cancel work order/job

Editing a task

In the box corresponding to any task you will be able to:

  • Provide feedback on a completed task (if enabled in the system)
  • Set a task as complete
  • Set a complete task as incomplete
  • Revoke the assignment of an incomplete task

By clicking on the "Edit task link on the lower-left corner of the task box, you will be able to:

  • Edit the task type
  • Edit the task deadline
  • Edit the post-assignment instructions associated with the task
  • Edit the attached documents
  • Manually assign the task or revoke the assignment
  • Edit the associated purchase order