Sometimes you need the translation of a large file in a short time, and you need to split the task among two or more translators. The translation center provides a couple of solutions for this situation depending on how easy is to split the large file into sections.

In case of a multi-language work order, splitting the source file in one of the jobs will be enough to have the same splitting done in all the other jobs in the work order.

An advantage of this operation is that all the translators and the PM will be sharing a same working page, and they will be able to exchange text and files by means of the in-page messages, for instance to coordinate terminology.

Case 1: A large file is split and offered to translators

You create a work order normally, and end-up with a task containing a large file, to large to be done by a single translator in the available time.

In this example, we have a file of 12,000 words and we want to split into 4 sections of about 3000 words each. We do the splitting externally and then we click on the "Split up for team translation" button (will be visible when a file of 3000 words or more is uploaded as a source.

When you click on that button, you can upload the individual sections by means of the "Upload split files" button. You can delete a file wrongly uploaded, and you can also modify the order of the uploaded sections by clicking in the left column of a file and moving it up or down.

After all the sections have been uploaded, click on the "Set up team translation" button and the system will automatically create a task in the job for each of the uploaded sections. These tasks can be offered to translators for acceptance like any other tasks.

Case 2: A large file is offered to translators and then split

You can create the work order with the large file as a single task, making sure that you select the option "Offers requested from providers for later assignment" for the "Task assignment:" setting.

In the instructions you can ask translators to let you know how many words they can accept within the allocated time. Based on that information, you can then split the file as indicated in the case 1 above and manually assign the corresponding tasks among the translator. 

Imagine that two of your translators can take 5K words and another one can take 2K. Based on this information you can split and assign the file into three sections of the proper files. Please note that in this case you could have problems getting your four files of 3K each assigned (case 1).

Case 3: A large file is shared without splitting it

In some cases a file is hard to split (for instance a large pdf file or a web page that you don't even upload to the translation center). In this case you can simply create a work order with enough information in the description field, and then the job created without any source file uploaded. The large file can be uploaded as reference material, or not uploaded at all and replaced by the information of where to find it (for instance in a file server, or a web page)

Before submitting the work order, you should enter in the "post assignment instructions" box the instructions for the first task in the job, for instance "Please translate from page 1 to 10". At this point you should submit the work order, but still not send the invitations.

Once the job is created, you can add one or more tasks indicating in the corresponding "post-assignment instructions field" what part of the document should be translated in each case (make sure that each section of the document to be translated is included in the instructions corresponding to a task, and only in one task).

The tasks created this way can be assigned to translators the usual way, and they can upload their individual translations to the translation center.