Settings on feedback

By selecting Administration → Settings, and then Job settings, you will have access to the feedback settings:

When you select to activate the condition "Feedback enabled", your team will be able to provide feedback on the translators in each completed task.

Providing feedback

When a job is completed, every delivered task will show a "Provide feedback" link that will enable the feedback mechanism.

When you click on the above link, a window will open to let you select among 4 quality levels and enter an optional comment.

A notification will be generated when any of the two lower levels is reported.

Viewing the feedback provided

The feedback provided will be visible to add administrators in the same task box, and by clicking on the rating a box will open to provide the identity of the feedback giver and the corresponding comment.

If "Feedback visible" was selected in the settings, the translators will be able to see the above information in the tasks they have delivered.

The average and detailed feedback for each individual translator will be visible in the translators' profiles, by clicking on the "View feedback" option.

It is also possible to view all feedback posted for all translators in the operation by selecting Administration → User feedback.

If you select to activate the job setting "Feedback visible", the translators will be able to see the feedback information available in their profiles.