The providers option in the top drop-down menu will let you view your current providers and communicate with them, invite new service providers and assemble your service providers into teams.

1. Features in the view providers page

By selecting the option ''Providers → view providers' in the top drop-down menu, you will have access to the list of providers in your operation.  

There is a "Search providers" tool that will help you define a subset of the providers pool in accordance with criteria defined by you.

At the bottom of the page there is a tool (the envelope icon) that will let you send messages to the whole team, or to a selected subset of the pool.

2. Inviting providers to your translation center

2.1. Inviting by email

To add service providers to your translation center you can use this simple option by selecting ''Providers → Invite via email' in the top dropdown menu.

You will need to enter basic contact information (first name, last name, email and country) and at least one approved language pair. You can also add a specialization, but this is optional.

When you add translators, they will receive an invitation to join the your company's translation center. 

To accept the invitation, the translator needs to click on the link provided in the invitation, and then they can sign in their user account or choose a username and password.

  • If the account is created from a profile, the translators will be able to access your translation center by logging into their accounts. They will have also better profile features.
  • If the translator does not have a account, or does not want to associate it with your translation center, they will simply need to add a username and a password.
  • Translators will not be able to interact in your translation center until they have not accepted the invitation (and thus created their profile on the platform).

Once they do, they will receive an automatic welcome message

A note in the translators' profiles will tell you when they have not created a username and password for the account, and a link will let you send out a new invitation.

2.2. Inviting via directory

This option will present you with a directory search option into the database. 

To use this option select 'Providers → Invite from' in the top dropdown menu, enter your selection criteria and submit.

The system will bring to you a list of service providers in line with said requirements, including a wealth of information such as language pairs, fields of expertise, native language, certified PRO badge, KudoZ points in pair and field of expertise, verified identity, etc.

You can select one or several service providers, select their language pairs and send them an invitation, invluding a personalized message.

2.3. Batch invitation

If you have a large list of providers to add to the operation simply provide a list in csv or similar format, including first name, last name, email address and at least a language pair, and staff will import the list to the translation center for you.

3. Teams of translators

You can work on the whole pool of translators, but you should consider making use of the ability offered by the platform to group translators into teams.

This feature is fully flexible and it will let you create as many teams as you want. Also, each translator can be assigned to none, one or several teams.

What is the criterion for grouping translators in a team? Whatever makes sense for your business.

You can, for instance, create a team with the translators working in a given project for a given client, while a second team can include all your service providers who translate marketing issues into French and a third can include all your translators for Oil and Gas projects.

To manage your teams, you should go again to the ‘translators’ menu and select the third option: ‘teams’

You will see the teams you have created so far, and you can click on one of them to edit it, or select to create a new team.

In order to create a new team you should select a descriptive name and click on ‘create team’

Then you will select the translators from your pool that will be added to the new team, selecting for them the role of translator or job manager.

You can click and drag on team members to modify their order, and this order will be used for sending notifications in jobs assigned to the team.

When you create a job within a work order, you will be able to associate it to all your eligible translators (all translators in the language pair) or to the translators of a given team. It is also possible to invite specific service providers from your pool of translators.

4. The provider profile

By clicking on the provider name anywhere on the translation center you will access the corresponding profile

This page will display the provider's basic information and will let you:

  • Edit the contact information
  • Edit the services data with the "edit profile" option, see next section
  • View the tasks assigned to the provider
  • View the invoices created by the provider
  • Send a message to the provider and see previous messages
  • Add an amin note to the profile and see previous notes.
  • Deactivate the account (see below)

4.1 Deactivating a provider's account

It is possible to select for each service provider the level, with two values: junior and senior. 

  • This condition is defined in the edit profile option of the translator profile, after clicking on the 'edit provider information' link.
  • The senior level is the default value for all translators, and junior translators should be edited as such. 
  • Translators labeled as junior will not be included in the pool to be notified in a job, and they will need to be manually added to such list.
  • This feature allows you to have in your system non-preferred translators who may be useful if none of your primary translators are available.
  • You may also have new translators in this level and have their work reviewed by senior ones, until the point when you trust them enough to move them to the senior level.

4.2. Deactivating a provider's account

  • Provider accounts can be deactivated, provided that they don't have an active assignment in the translation center. If they do, the assignments must be deactivated first.
  • To deactivate the account, click on 'Deactivate account' in the profile page and enter a reason for this action. 
  • A notification will be sent to the support email of the translation center.
  • After deactivation, the admin notes, the messages sent to the translator, the feedback received by the translator and a log of actions on the account will remain visible.
  • If the account was never claimed by the invited translator, it can be deleted. No notifications will be sent in this case.
  • Once an account was deactivated, an option to reactivate it becomes visible in the profile.