The translation center will let you define the clients on whose behalf the useful work is done on the platform. You can enable clients to create requests and to monitor work order progress. Clients can also be kept visible or hidden from providers.

The 'clients' menu

Two menu options will give you access to the client related features:

  • The 'Clients' → 'List of clients' in the top drop-down menu will display: 
    • The clients entered in the platform
    • A search tool to find a particular client in the list
    • An export button to get a csv file with the clients' information
  • The 'Clients' → 'Add new client' will open a form for adding a new client to the platform.

Clients and client contacts

Clients in these pages are just information in the database, but it is also possible to invite representatives of one, several or all your clients, with a configurable level of access. These representatives are called client contacts and their options, access and visibility are described below.

Client visibility

A setting in the page 'Administration' → 'Settings'  → 'Role settings' will let you define the client visibility. If you select the answer 'No' to the question 'Can providers see clients?', the information on clients will become invisible to the translators working on jobs created on behalf of said clients.

A client profile

Clicking on the box corresponding to any particular client will take you to the client profile, corresponding to the View profile option of the left-side menu. This menu will also give you access to the additional pages described below.

The client page will show the client name, the client contact data and the client most active projects

Edit client profile

This page will let you modify the following elements of the client profile:

  • Contact information: name, parent organization, type (end client or agency), website, description, street address, city, state/region/province, postal code, country and payment terms.
  • Service provider options: Will define the team invited to jobs created on behalf of this client. The following options are available:
    • No preferences: The default value, will have no impact on the invitations
    • Default to members of a team: When a job for this client is created, the team selected in this setting will be the default choice of providers, but it will be possible to overrule this setting.
    • Force members of a team: same as above, but the selected team will be invited to the job. This option is ideal for situations where you let your client create the jobs in your system, and you want to be sure that only the providers assigned for this client will be invited.
  • Custom fields: additional fields defined in the next section.

Custom client fields

Platform administrators can add and name any number of custom fields, designed to enable the storage of information on clients that were not planned in the platform. 
To create a custom field you need to select the 'Client fields' option in the 'Administration' → 'Settings' menu, enter the desired field name in the "New custom field label" area and add the new custom field. 

Once a custom field has been added, it will be available (visible only to platform administrators) in the profiles of all clients in your operation.


This page will present all the jobs created on behalf of the client.


This page will: 

  • Display the projects created for the client
  • Search for a given project (by project name, description or summary)
  • Edit an existing project
  • Delete an existing project
  • Provide a button for creating a new project.

When a new project is created or an existing project is edited, the following information will be available:

  • Project Name
  • Project Summary
  • Project Description
  • Instructions

A project can be associated to one or more work orders and it can provide important reference information to them. In particular, the instructions entered for a project will be displayed in all jobs created for the client that are associated with the project. This provides a very cost-effective way of sharing reference information among related jobs.

Client files

This page will let you upload files that will be then automatically presented as reference information in all jobs created on behalf of the client.

Each file can be associated with a category (glossary, reference, style, TM and other).

Client contacts

Client contacts are actual people who are invited to the translation center in order to represent a client in the platform.
The menu  'Administration' → 'Settings' → 'Role settings' will let you define whether client contacts, if invited, will have access to jobs and clients.
  • If this access is granted, the client contacts will be able to create work orders directly, and have full access to the jobs.
  • If this access is not granted, client contacts will still be able to access work orders and monitor their status

There are two possible roles for client contacts:

  • Administrators: have access to all jobs created on behalf of the client
  • Users: have access only to the jobs created by them, or where they were specifically invited

Delete client

This page will let you delete a client. Please use this as a last resource, since deleting a client will affect stored related information.

As a rule, clients that have been active should be left in the system and the deletion should be reserved for test, or unused client accounts.