You will reach this page by selecting "payment settings" in menu at the left of the page Administration"  → "Settings" 

The following elements can be set on this page:

Preferred currency

  • This is the currency in which financial reports are shown, and the default option for the purchase orders.

Default payment terms

  • This area will let you predefine the payment terms that will be presented to the service providers in your purchase order. 
  • The available options are:
    • Days after invoice date: if you select this option you should enter the corresponding number of days in the corresponding box. 
      • Payments will be offered after the preset number of days elapsed after invoicing time. 
    • Set payment date: When you select this option, you will be asked to inform the payment date when the purchase order is created.
    • Other, see below: This simple option will just display the "Other, see below" text and you will be able to post your payment conditions in the box below. This is appropriate for companies with more complex payment terms
    • Pro-bono operation (volunteer activity with no payment involved) is a condition reserved for Translators without Borders or similar organization
    • Payment conditions: is a box where you will be able to enter your payment conditions or other related information, to be presented to the translators in each purchase order.

Uses a CAT tool discount scheme

  • When this condition is selected, a table will open in the same page to let you define your discount categories and the corresponding % of full rate
  • Also, a new option "CAT tool settings" will be included in the settings menu
  • The table will present a set of CAT category names and associated % of full rate to let you define the scheme used by your company.
  • The image below presents a fictitious definition using three levels:

Once you have defined your CAT tool scheme, you will need to configure your CAT tool settings
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