The "Job settings" in the menu you find when selecting "Administration" → "Settings" will let you preselect several parameters related to jobs in your instance of the translation center.

In particular, you will be able to predefine:

 Job notifications

  • These are the default values for the job notifications sent out to service providers:
    • Invitations per batchHow many translators to invite in each batch.
    • Minutes between batchesHow many minutes to wait between each batch of job invitations.
  • You will be able to overrule these default values in the "Manage invitations" section of every job.


Job invitations

  • This defines the way service providers will be invited to jobs. 
    • Automatically invite service providers to do this job, as soon as the order is created.
    • Automatically invite service providers except for large jobs. This option is appropriate for Translators without Borders and other similar organizations. This can be also useful for operations that want to automate the management of small documents only.
    • Manually invite service providers to do this job, after preview.
  • You will be able to select automatic or manual notifications for each target language when you create a work order.

Job delivery

  • This is the default value for the way completed jobs will be delivered to the client. Options are:
    • Automatic delivery.
    • Manual delivery.
  • You can overrule the default in the page corresponding to each job.
  • Outside Translators without Borders this difference is not very relevant, but if you select "manual delivery" the job will move to the "To deliver" status when all tasks are completed, and then you can move it manually to "Complete" once you have delivered the project to your client.


Task assignment
  • These buttons will define the default condition for task assignments, but you can overrule it when creating every work. The options are:
    • Tasks are offered to providers for acceptance, so the first invited provider who accepts a task will get it assigned
    • Offers requested from providers for later assignment, so providers will only be able to leave you messages, and you will decide who gets each task.


Default instructions
  • A text area is presented for you to enter the default work order instructions that will be presented as a template each time you create a work order. 
    • You will be able to edit this text when creating a new work order.

Work order settings

  • These two checkboxes will help you define:
    • If all invited translators will be able to download your uploaded source files from the job posting page. This is just a default value that you can overrule when creating every work order. If you select this option, all the translators you invite to a job will be able to download the corresponding source files. If you don't, only the translator who accepts a task can download the file. The most restrictive approach could be better for preserving the confidentiality of the client's content, while the open one lets translators evaluate the files before they accept them. 
    • The minimum deadline (in hours) that will be allowed when creating a new work order (or editing a deadline). Minimum value is one hour.


Feedback settings

  • At the bottom of the page you will find these selection boxes to define:
    • If it will be possible to leave feedback on providers when they deliver every task, and
    • If feedback is allowed, if the provider who received this feedback wil be able to see it (otherwise it will be visible only to administrators)


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