• The CAT tool settings will let you map your own CAT tool discount scheme with the categories presented by several CAT tools.
    • At the time being only SDL Trados has been implemented, but integration work is ongoing with Wordfast, MemoQ and other commercial tools.
  • You will reach this page by selecting "CAT tool settings" in the menu at the left of the page Administration"  → "Settings" 
  • Please note that this option will be available only if you selected the option "Uses a CAT tool discount" in your Payment settings

  • The first menu will let you select the CAT tool to be mapped. Currently only SDL has been defined for integration.
  • The table below provides a simple tool for mapping the categories to be expected in an analysis performed with the integrated tool and the categories defined in your company's schema. In the example displayed:
    • Words reported as "new", "fuzzy 50% - 74" and "fuzzy 75% - 84%" will be associated with your "New words" level and be paid full rate
    • Words reported as fuzzy "fuzzy 85% - 94" and "fuzzy 95% - 99%" will be associated with your "Fuzzy" level and be paid 70% of full rate
    • Words reported in the remaining categories will be associated with your "Repetitions" level and be paid 30% of full rate

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