You have access to an instance of the translation center powered by because you have been invited by a translation organization or company who is the sole administrator of such instance.

You don't need a account to be able to work in the translation center, but if you associate a account with your translation center account you will have additional advantages, such as the ability or displaying a picture in your profile and accessing the platform with the same access data used to access

1. Top dropdown menu and dashboard

When you access the translation center, you will arrive to the Dashboard, the first of the top drop-down menu options


  • In the upper bar you will see the name and logo of the company managing the operation, the menu options (Dashboard, Assignments, Finance and Support) and the icon that leads to your translation center profile.
  • Immediately below the upper bar, and to the right, you will see an indication of the tasks available to you. If you click on this link you will be able to navigate to the pages where you will be able to accept a task (or express your willingness to do so)
  • The dashboard will show you:
    • A tab for active assignments, include all non-completed tasks assigned to you in the platform
    • A calendar view of the same information
    • Your availability indicator
    • A to-do list, visible only to you
  • The Support option in the top drop-down menu includes the Contact us! page, where you can contact the company managing this instance of the translation center for issues not related to a particular job (as for job-specific issues it is better to leave a comment in the corresponding job or job posting page).

2. The assignments menu

  • This menu has two options:
    • Assignments: This page will show all the tasks ever assigned to you in the platform, and by clicking on the corresponding top link in each task you will be able to visit the corresponding page. A Search assignments button will display a search box where assignments can be searched, filtered by status (any, complete, overdue, underway) and the payment information (with or without a complete PO)
    • Available tasks: similar to the indicator described in the previous section. 


3. Evaluating and accepting job offers
  • The available tasks links and the notifications sent to you when a job is available for you will lead you to a page that will display, from top to bottom:
    • A title and a brief description
    • A summary box, with information on the client, subject area, poster, date of posting, deadline flexibility and any special instructions posted for the job
    • For each of the available tasks, a task box with information on:
      • Task type (for example translation)
      • Name of the source file. Depending on the settings, it may be possible or not to download the file from this point.
      • The deadline
      • The payment terms offered by the company
      • The rate offered by the company
      • The volume of the offered task
      • The total money offered
      • Depending on the settings, the task may be configured for your immediate acceptance or you may be asked to post a message (stating your availability, willingness to take the job, your particular conditions, etc.)
    • A messaging box to communicate with the job posted.


4. Working on an assignment

  • Once you accepted (or were assigned) one or more tasks in a job, you will have access to the job page, displaying from top to bottom:

    • A title and a brief description
    • A Job overview box, with information on the client, subject area, project manager in charge, deadline flexibility and any special instructions posted for the job
    • A box with the documents related to the job
    • A box for the supporting material for the job
    • For each of the tasks assigned to you, a task box with information on:
      • Task type (for example translation)
      • Deadline
      • The purchase order (to expand click on "View purchase order"
      • Name of the source file including a link to download it (or, sometimes, the instructions for downloading it from a different place)
      • A feature for uploading your deliverables and for marking the task as complete
    • A messaging box to communicate with the project manager.
    • Depending on the settings, you may be allowed to see the task assigned to other translators in the same job, and to communicate with them.



5. The finance menu

The finance menu has two options: Purchase orders and invoices

5.1. Purchase orders

  • The purchase orders page will present all the purchase orders associated to tasks that were accepted or assigned to the service provider. 
  • The information provided for each purchase order includes:
    • PO number
    • Date of assignment
    • Associated task
    • Status of the assignment (underway, complete, overdue)
    • Invoice number (if issued)
    • Total amount associated with the PO
  • A Search PO button will enable a search feature that will let you look for POs based on:
    • Assignment date, or start and end dates
    • PO / Assignment ID
    • Custom PO#
    • It is also possible to find POs not matched to an approved invoice
  • A second button will find the assignments without payment information

5.2. Invoices

  • The invoices page will present the invoices sent by the translator to the company through the system.
  • The information provided for each invoice include:
    • Invoice ID in the system
    • Number manually assigned by the translator to the invoice
    • Due date
    • Purchase order(s) associated with the invoice
    • Approval status (pending approval, approved, rejected)
    • Payment status
    • Money amount
  • Clicking on the Invoice ID will open the printable page with the invoice information.
  • Clicking on any of the purchase order links will display the corresponding purchase order.
  • A Submit an invoice button will activate the features described in the next section.

5.3. Submitting a new invoice

  • This page will be used by the service provider to submit an invoice to the translation company by selecting among offered the POs
  • Only POs expressed in the same currency and with the same payment terms can be grouped in an invoice.
  • Only POs with payment information and associated with completed assignments are displayed.
  • When one or more POs are selected, the sum of the corresponding invoices will be presented as invoice amount.
  • The submission date is recorded, and the payment terms will be associated with it in order to produce the corresponding due date
  • The translator can enter the number of their physical invoice and also upload the file(s) associated with such invoice.


6. Your translation center profile

  • When you click on your profile icon on the top-right corner of your translation center, you will be able to access your translation center profile and to log out.
  • The profile will show you some basic information on your translation center data, with additional menu options to update your contact information and to view the feedback received by you in the platform.


  • The View feedback option will show you the feedback received by you for each completed assignment only if the platform is configured by the company to enable such feedback and to make it visible to the receiving service providers. 
  • For each completed task a qualification ranging from 0 (unacceptable) to 3 (excellent) can be entered, together with a comment. The top-right corner of your profile will display the aggregate feedback received (average value and number of entries)